Wupperthanl Phase 3 Launch

A.K.A.-You recently successfully delivered on our brief of managing and catering for the launch of Phase 3: The Donkey Cart Project in the small Cederberg town of Wupperthal on behalf of Anix Consulting.

AKA-You & Anix Consulting

AKA-You & Anix Consulting

Anix Consulting with funding from The Department of Tourism has has been assisting and training the communities in the Cederberg to create a self sustainable project in order to alleviate poverty in the area.

Skills development and provision of the basic necessities in the area have focused on using what is already available to the people of the Cederberg area. With a strong focus on heritage and subsequently, tourism, this has resulted in the communities of Wupperthal, Heuningvlei, Pakhuis Pass, Kleinvlei and other surrounding villages becoming hospitable hosts and eloquent business owners.

In August 2013, AKA-You successfully tendered for the phase 3 launch of this project. We worked very closely with the Anix team and together, pulled off a smooth, hiccup free event in the reception-less beauty of the little town of Wupperthal.

While the Anix Consulting team were going through their presentation in the town hall, we, together with community members, catered for an entire town and a few VIPs. The aromas of 500 boerewors rolls, a 100 litre pot of chicken curry and beautifully baked cakes and muffins was enticing to say the least. It is safe to say that everyone left with full bellies and our invited guests walked away with a gift bag highlighting some of Wuppertal’s finest hand made produce.

Everybody pulled together seamlessly to make this event a success and we are very proud to have been a part of it.

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