Interacting humanely

Creating a blog is an informal way of communicating what your brand is doing in the market-place to readers and a good place to post videos, photos and interesting stories. This is where you link your Tweets and YouTube videos to give you good coverage while you can also promote external links, such as your brands official website, can be promoted as well.

Blog stories have to be fresh and if updated on a regular basis your brand will collect an interested audience who subscribe to receive your latest posts. Blogs created, and initiated, by Rouvanne:


Choose a style that suits your brand

Peak People: An inside look (Runner-up SA Music Blog of the Year 2007, SA Music Blog of the Year 2008)
The World Of MELT
The Roots Cause

Filmmakers Against Racism
the Beer Garden SA
Into the Trade

Blogs can be created on Blogger, WordPress or Tumblr – all free sits where you will host your information. Your brand can also own a website address that redirects to your blog.

We can create, and maintain, your blog by writing professional looking articles that promote your brand without them seeming to come from an advertising agency of PR company. This adds the human touch to your profile.

Specialist articles on other blogs

We can promote your brand on our own blogs (the Beer Garden SA & Into the Trade) using the correct keywords and phrases in specialist posts that will increase your brands coverage on the web. The more times your brand is mentioned, the better it ranks on search engines such as Google.

We can create a banner that links to a landing page created on our blog with all relevant information that entices the reader to click-through to your own website.

We can create a sidebar advertisment that can lead to a landing page or links to your own website.

We can feature your brand in a featured menu.


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