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Get it out in short

Twitter is a website where you can share your ideas with those who ‘follow’ you. You Only have 140 characters to write your message in…

The above is the maximum length of a tweet (letters, spaces and punctuation = characters) so you have to ensure your message is concise and relevant and that your ‘followers’ will want to re-tweet what you have written to their followers (re-tweet = copy your message and send it out as their own status, but crediting you for the original tweet).

We create a profile that links to your website/blog and add a description that describes your core business and your passion. The more people/users you follow on Twitter, in general, the more people/users will follow you. The key is to have 1000’s of users following you, so you can advertise your product through Twitter and everyone who follows you will get your adverts/links/messages. If your advert appeals to them, they will spread the message you sent to their followers (retweets).

You create a basic awareness/perception of your brand through your tweets, and through your interaction with your users.

The more active your account is on Twitter, the more people will interact with you and spread your message. After all, out of sight is out of mind.


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